We have always been fascinated by design.

In particular we appreciate Italian design with its unique stylistic choices which have created iconic and legendary products, especially in the car industry, for decades.

At the same time, we have always been passionate about the world of two wheels, from vintage motorbikes to racing bikes. We firmly believe that bikes are the best solution for commuting in congested and polluted cities.

The design of a bike frameset must take into account different limitations. It must comply with size parameters to make the final product usable by the rider.

How can design be pushed to its extreme limit taking these constraints into account?

How can industrial design meet contemporary art?


These are the challenges of 6:00 | tuesday.


We create exclusive bikes in limited and numbered series through an entirely Italian process from conceptual design to handmade production.

Each bike is an authentic piece of art for design collectors and classy urban commuters.


God save the “Made in Italy”.

Flavio & Giovanni  |  Co-founders


19 Giugno 2017